$375 + GST 

Your Luxury Design Consultation is booked following the Discovery Call.


What to Expect for your Luxury Design Consultation:

  • You'll receive up to 2 hours to discuss as many spaces as you'd like. We may walk through the entire home, or other times we may focus on 1-2 areas depending on what you'd like to have done. 

  • This consultation is meant to benefit YOU as much as possible. If that means offering design advice or leaning about the next steps when working with us, we will work on whatever works best for you. During your consultation, Marianne will be asking lots of questions, taking notes, photos and dimensions, to ensure she has all the information about your project. 

How You Can Prepare for your Design Consultation:

  • Get excited! These meetings are fun and full of energy!

  • Prepare some inspiration images to review with Marianne during your consultation to help define your style and vision for the space. You can also share your Pinterest board with us prior to your meeting. If we have time, we will be happy to review this so we know what your style is prior to the consultation. 

  • Fill out our customized "New Client Questionnaire" that will be sent to you following your Discovery Call.

We'll bring the coffee!