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Accessorizing is a Necessity

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Let's talk about accessorizing shall we?

Do you have a designer in your life? Do you want to know how to drive them absolutely mental? Are you feeling like you need to make them pull their hair out? I’ll share with you just how to do this... tell them you don’t want to spend money on accessorizing. It will drive them (us) all kinds of crazy.

Take a look at this image - imaging there were no accessories. The lamp, jar (filled with chocolate covered pretzels I might add), and plant are all classified as accessories. Imagine we didn't allow money in our budget to accessorize this space? It would look completely different!

The best way I can personally explain the importance of accessorizing your home is like explaining the importance of accessorizing your outfit.

You’re going on a date with someone new. You want to look your absolutely best. You’ve gone and picked out your outfit, cute and classic, subtle and trendy. You love it and know it’s going to be a total hit. You take a shower, throw on the clothes, and off you go. Right? Nope! You have so many things to do before you leave. Let’s rewind. You take a shower, you do your hair, your make up, you find the perfect pair of shoes, and put on some jewellery. You’ve gone from Cinderella pre fairy godmother to Cinderella on the way to the ball.

Now, it you’re a man reading this and thinking this doesn’t apply to you, think again. You may have fewer steps in the process but you are still required to accessorize. I mean, you wear shoes right? Belt? Do your hair? Have a murse? That’s what I thought.

Now if this analogy is completely lost on you, I’ll break it down. Your clothes are your home. Your accessories are well, your accessories. So say you‘ve hired a designer to come in help with your home. They have space planned and purchased all the furniture and the big items for your space. The house looks great but it isn’t complete, just like your outfit. You’ve towelled off and thrown on your clothes but something is missing. Accessorizing your outfit and accessorizing your home is one in the same. It elevates your home and adds the jaw dropping effect.

In conclusion, if you love your designer and want to make them happy, tell them you can’t wait too accessorize. Be prepared to spend the money, just like you would on a nice pair of shoes or jewellery, and the results with be breathtaking. Toss cushions, drapery, and all accessories are truly what pull the space together and make your home look custom and worthy of a first date.

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