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All About E-Design

With the world changing a lot this year, businesses have had to adapt and offer more online services. Interior design is no exception! E-design is a luxury interior design service that you can access from the comfort of your own sofa. It’s also a more affordable approach to design.

So what is e-design exactly? It is an online design service where all communication is done remotely (via phone, email, or video calls), and the design for your space is also delivered to you via email. Because there aren’t any client home visits involved, it saves us time and therefore money, and these savings are thus passed on to you. If you’re able to do some of the work yourself, such as measuring your space, setting up furniture, and sending us pictures, you’ll be able to achieve a beautifully designed space with less cost involved. There are also other benefits to e-design other than just affordability. It can help you to avoid costly mistakes, as well as save you loads of time. Imagine spending hours trying to choose the perfect paint colour, only then to realize it doesn’t look like how you’d hoped it would. Or imagine spending thousands on a custom sofa, only to later realize that it was too large for the room once you placed in the rest of the furniture. Hiring a designer means that you get access to all of our trade secrets at no additional cost. And while we can’t promise absolute perfection, we try to get as close as possible! This is what we do every day, and a lot is learned with experience!

If you decide to do a custom e-design package, here’s what to expect with your e-design journey. After your payment is received, you’ll receive a questionnaire that will provide us with the details on your space. This will be your opportunity to share all of your needs, wants, and dreams for the space, as well as get to know your family and your personality. The more details you provide, the better, as this helps us to decide what will suit you best. If you don’t know how to describe what you like, that’s ok too, because we’ll also ask that you send us pictures of spaces that you like. We can also set up a Pinterest board that you can pin pictures to. This is a huge help in getting to know your personal style. We will also ask that you send us pictures of your current space, as well as a floorplan. This floorplan will need to include all of the important elements such as locations of windows, air vents, bulk heads, outlets, and any other elements of the room that could impact the design such as the door swing. After we’ve reviewed all of this, we will then get to work creating your design! After 3-4 weeks, your final design boards and shopping list will be sent to you.

Ultimately, e-design is similar to our Deluxe DIY Design package, but you will be measuring the space yourself and sending us pictures rather than us visiting your home. Something to keep in mind is that there are some limitations with e-design, such as that we are not able to order custom window coverings since this requires an in-person visit so we can measure your windows. Both of these design packages provide you with the core foundational elements necessary to create that dream look you're after. For more information on a custom window covering consultation, click here.

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