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Green is the New Grey

Grey has been a very popular colour for quite some time. It’s the go-to colour for refreshing and updating walls, and for using on neutral furniture pieces. And while it’s still a great colour, the trends have shifted to warmer, earthy tones like shades of khaki and terracotta. Sage green is another widely popular colour (and a personal favourite of mine). It feels timeless and fresh all at the same time. But other shades of green like olive, deep forest greens, and even mint are also becoming quite popular.

What I love about green is its ability to act like a neutral while still bringing in colour. Green is lively yet soothing, and looks great paired with almost any other colour. This makes a lot of sense considering it is the backdrop for our exterior landscapes.

If you’re a lover of green like me, consider using it somewhere where you might have previously used grey! Like on your cabinetry:

above left: House by M House Development, above right: Heidi Caillier Design

Or on your furniture:

above left: design by AVE Styles, above right: House & Home- Tiffany Piotrowski

Or how about in the bathroom?

above left: home by M House Development, above right: Katie Hodges Design

And of course... it's always gorgeous on the walls too!

above left: design by My Attic , above top right: image from Sherwin Williams,

above bottom right: by Jay Wilde

We also couldn't end this post without giving a shout-out to one of our other favourite colours, which is blue. Like green, blue can act like a neutral in the right applications. We used a dark blue for a recent kitchen renovation, which helped give the space a fun look without being too bold. You could easily add in pops of mustard yellow, orange, or red into this space. A ton of colours look great paired with blue!

Ridgebrook Kitchen Renovation By Marianne Elizabeth Design

I hope these images have inspired you to think green (or blue) when it comes to your next project! And as always, if you need help picking the perfect green colour, we are always here to help!

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