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How to Find Space for Your Home Office

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

A lot has changed this past year. Businesses have had to quickly adapt, and many people are now working from home. You may have set up your office at your kitchen island or dining room table, or even at the kid’s homework station. How is that working for you? Maybe not so well. Maybe you’re feeling a little tired of the constant distractions, the clutter of paperwork, or uncomfortable seating. If you’ve been thinking “there’s got to be a better way”, well we believe that you are right! We’re here to help you get some ideas of how you can create that home office space that is more functional, comfortable, and still looks beautiful.

1. First, we’ll start with the most obvious solution, which is to convert a spare bedroom or other less-utilized room into your home office. This could mean simply adding a desk to the guest bedroom, or turning a closest into your desk “nook” (i.e. a “cloffice”!). This is ideal for anyone who needs a little more peace and quiet and needs that option to close the door. Or maybe the formal living room that is rarely used could become your office space. Think about what you really need and what you could give up. And don’t forget about the basement! If you have space down there, the right paint colour and accessories can do a lot to make it feel bright and comfy even with less natural light. Choose a light colour with warm undertones, such as a warm white, and add dimension and an energizing feel with a fun wallpaper. Don’t have a spare room or a closet you could convert? Don’t worry. More ideas below.

2. Rearrange your living room, adding a desk and a room divider. Adding a fun room divider like the one below helps define the space, allow natural light to come through, and help the space feel focused by minimizing other visual distractions.

3. Another option is to switch out an existing furniture piece for one with a fold-down desk. A good place for this might be in the dining room where you may currently have a storage hutch.

4. Swap out your bedroom night stand for a desk. And guess what- your nightstands don’t have to be the exact same! So you don’t need to swap them both out for a desk. An easy rule to follow is that as long as they are the same colour and the same height, you can make it work.

Love these ideas but still not sure where to start? If you’re needing help bringing that home office space to life, one of our design packages may be right for you. You can start with the Luxury Design Consultation and we’ll help you figure out what to do. Talk us through what you need, and then let us do the work for you. We’ll make sure your new office is functional, comfortable, fits within your budget, and of course looks beautiful. Learn more about the design packages we offer here.

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