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Scheduling a Design Consultation - Nothing to lose! Promise.

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

There you are, staring at each corner of your home, wishing it could look just like that pinterest image that you've been showing your friends, your mom, sometimes even your dad, and basically been obsessing over for x amount of months now. Problem is, not matter how many times you go to Homesense, cruise on Wayfair, hit up some local boutiques, you just can't seem to get the room to come together. You tell yourself you have a great eclectic style, and your friends tell you that too because they're good friends. But deep down you know, you just know, you don't have great eclectic style, you just have great friends and a room full of beautiful random items that make your house look schizophrenic.

Is it time to call in an expert? Yes, it was time to call in an expert a long time ago, especially right before you bought that ceramic deer head in the clearance section at your favourite store.

The great and best part about an initial design consultation is there are absolutely zero strings attached. We come in to your home, coffee in hand, and give you 2 hours of extremely valuable design advice. We get to jive and chat, you can unload all of your frustrations and "I don't even know where I got this item/why I bought it" woes on us, and in return, we will gain your confidence and make your feel like that pinterest image you so love can actually be your home. Think of those simple two hours vs the countless hours you've spent online browsing, shopping, returning, asking your facebook friends for advice, and in reality, inconveniencing your life with these decisions.

So, what’s the process for a design consultation? Basically this is where we sit down with you and you can describe and show us what you’re wanting your home to be. We send you a questionnaire ahead of time that you can fill out and share with us prior to your consultation so we already have an introduction to what you’re looking for. We’ll come up with some solutions right then and there and make professional suggestions so you can feel the dream start to take place. If you’re happy with the results of this meeting, you can sign the dotted line and let the journey begin! We walk you through step by step and do not rest until your home is pinterest worthy! (That may be a slight exaggeration... we may need a little rest! Creativity is exhausting!)

Please view our "Design Services & Packages" and choose the package that best suits your needs.

But hey, if at the end of the consultation you do not feel ready to take on a designer, that’s ok too! We say our farewells and life goes on. You’ve received professional design advice, made a new friend, and you’ve gained a clear(ish) direction of how to improve your home. It is honestly your basic win/win! Nothing to lose.

So, why not hire Marianne Elizabeth Design for a consultation?

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