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Stress-Free Christmas Decorating

So, we all know that this year has been a little surprising, and maybe a little stressful too. Or maybe a lot stressful? With Christmas just around the corner, a lot of us are probably excited for the opportunity to celebrate with our families and have a little reprieve, and yet for a lot of us, the holidays bring on feelings of more stress, anxiety, and thoughts like “how am I going to find the time or energy to get my home ready for Christmas this year?”. Maybe you’ve decided that you’re going to keep things a little simpler this year. Here are some ideas on how to accomplish that stress-free decorating that makes your home comfortable and beautiful for the holiday season.

1. The first thing you need to do is remove anything that screams summer or fall, and put it in storage until you’re ready to bring it out again! (unless of course, you’re intentionally going for a beachy Christmas look!) Some examples are like that pineapple figurine on your kitchen countertop, or that sunflower wreath. Anything that doesn’t fit with your idea of winter and Christmas décor can be put away to allow for a fresh new look.

2. Choose a simple colour scheme that fits with your home! There are a lot of different design styles of Christmas décor, and choosing a colour scheme can help you not be overwhelmed by it all. Maybe you’re all about the classic red décor, and for some of you, red just doesn’t work in your home or just isn’t your thing. You can have a festive and gorgeous space that easily transitions from pieces you already have in your home. We love a blue, white, and grey colour scheme. Green is also a gorgeous accent colour that can be easily tied in through seasonal greenery for a more neutral pallet. Look around your home and what you already have going on, such as the colours in your artwork, and pull your colours from there. Check out these images below that accomplish simple, yet festive, Christmas decorating through a cohesive colour scheme.

3. Use décor items that work well for the whole winter season, rather than just for Christmas. This means that after Christmas, all you’ll need to do is take down your tree and stockings, and you’re all set for the next couple months of winter. Use items like tree figurines, greenery, candles, lanterns, and throw blankets.

4. Add some toss pillows! Toss pillows make a big impact and are so quick and easy to swap out for the season. You can add warmth and texture by incorporating faux furs, thick knits, and velvets. You can incorporate more pillows into what you already have, or change them out for new winter-themed ones. Look for timeless designs like buffalo checks, interesting textures, and geometric patterns. Check out these images below and how the toss pillows make a huge impact.

5. Consider adding some pretty white lights to add a nice ambience! White lights hung strategically can brighten up your space right through until Valentine’s Day. Throw on some Michael Bublé, and enjoy your cozy space.

If the thought of decorating your home for Christmas still feels a bit too overwhelming right now, we have a new Christmas design service to take that off your to-do list! For $495, you will get 4-6 hours of professional help with two designers! We will come to your home and set everything up for you. To find out more, please contact us here.

Did you know that we also offer e-design services? This is another great way to lighten your load. If you’re needing some help with pulling your look together, but are able to implement the design yourself, let us come up with the design and all you’ll have to do is then put the items together in the room! It’s as simple as sending us some pictures and a floor plan, and answering some questions about what you want to see for your space. And we’ll make sure to stick within your budget too! You can get a professionally-designed space for a more affordable price! More info here.

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